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Only The Best Handcrafted Design Proposal Ever

Available only in Sketch format.

Photoshop & Illustrator formats coming soon. Notify me when they are available.

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Don't be dumb.


Probably the best advice I've ever gotten and the sole reason why I created this proposal. Hopefully you will follow my footsteps and stop making a fool of yourself with shitty proposals that make you look like an idiot and buy this bad boy before you find yourself coding HTML emails for your dad's failing bathroom tile business.


Aerial sucks.

Said no one, ever.

I know. You're probably asking yourself "Is this guy for real? Who charges $60 for a proposal template?" Well, I do and I'll tell you why before you start shaming me on Twitter like Donald Trump on steroids. It happens I'm also a freelance designer like you and I've been doing this for a long time (like, longer than this run over sentence). I know how client negotiations work and this very template has helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars as a freelancer. So trust me when I say this sucker is worth your pennies. 


"That's my boy"

— My Grandma


Actual designers said this...

"The Aerial proposal template is a must have for any designer that wants to put their best foot forward."

Josh Warren | Freelance Illustrator


“This template really makes running your freelance design business so much easier. Marcelo thought of everything so your client is not left in the dark.”


Wesley Bancroft | Freelance Designer


“The Aerial template helps you be better at business. We all want to spend time designing, and not writing proposals.”


Daniel Curran | Freelance Creative Director


Still not convinced?

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